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Our history

Khor Distillery is the trailblazer in the world of alcoholic beverages. The opening of Khor became a big event in the alcohol industry.

The first products rolled off the line in December 2003. The distillery was uniquely designed from scratch on a highly selective site.

Khor Distillery’s production capacity makes it possible to produce 16 bottles of vodka per second. The average conveyor speed is 30 m/min (approx. 1.1 mph). Khor Distillery delivers alcoholic drinks based on more than a hundred different formulae. The distillery stores 1,000 m3, 100,000 daL or 1,000,000 liters of alcohol!

Technical supply of the distillery was carried out under the motto: “The best equipment for the best plant!” Khor Distillery runs on the machinery by the world leaders in technological support of food industry enterprises. These are REHAU utility systems, GRUNDFOS pumps, TOYOTA loaders, etc.

Highly reliable filling lines by ITAL PROJECT guarantee precision of each operation: from careful dosing and capping to high-quality labeling and date stamping. Monitoring of production cycle compliance, quality control of raw and other materials, as well as semi-finished and finished products is carried out by the engineering production laboratory.

It is provided with the up-to-minute equipment and reagents and employs the best professionals in the industry.

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