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Khor Vodka is exported to more than 87 countries worldwide. Using only the latest technologies, the Khortytsa Distillery manufacturing process guarantees vodkas of the highest caliber.


Producing the first bottling of the restyled Khor Platinum

Global Spirits launches the restyled Khor Platinum bottle, featuring a new white label design and lens.


Combining core industry assets to become the largest alcohol holding in all of Eastern Europe

Global Spirits is one of the largest world leaders in alcohol production. In Europe, the company is the largest international alcohol holding.


Beginning distribution presence in the United States

In 2010, Global Spirits representative office was opened in the United States, and the office officially opened in 2011. Global Spirits began selling vodka Leaf in the United States.


Ushering in a new version of Khor Platinum.

According to Drinks International, Khor is already one of the Top 3 best-selling vodkas in the world.


Opening of a distribution company in the USA.

In 2010, a Global Spirits representative office was introduced to the United States. The office officially opened in 2011, and Global Spirits began selling LEAF vodka in America.


Merging of Khortysta’s manufacturing and distribution into one holding: Global Spirits

The Global Spirits holding was established in 2008. Headquartered in Ukraine, Global Spirits is currently one of the 500 largest European companies, with annual sales of more than 12 million cases.




Production and distribution in CIS

Khortitsa starts distribution within the CIS market. Already in the first half of 2006, the Khortitsa distillery production volume increased by 148% compared to the previous period. In the same year, the company entered the TOP-10 of the world's leading manufacturers of vodka in the "World Millionaires Club".


Purchase of the Odessa brandy factory

To increase its market presence, the company bought the Odessa brandy factory CJSC in 2007. As a part of Global Spirits, the plant is also jointly held by Khortytsa Distillery, the Crimean Wine House, and distribution companies (of Ukraine with representative offices in Poland and Kazakhstan).


Merging of both manufacturing and distribution aspects into one holding Global Spirits.

In 2008, the Global Spirits holding company was established with headquarters in Ukraine and is currently one of the 500 largest European companies with annual sales of more than 12 million cases.




Production and distribution in CIS

Khortytsa begins distributing within the CIS market. In the first half of 2006, Khortytsa Distillery’s production volume increased by 148% compared to the previous period. In the same year, the company entered Top 10 of the world’s leading vodka manufacturers ranking by World Millionaires’ Club.


Launching of a highly developed manufacturing facility at the new Khortytsa Distillery

Khortytsa Distillery cements itself as a leading manufacturer for alcoholic beverages. The first bottles of alcohol were produced in December 2003, exactly one year after facility construction began.


Establishing the distribution company in Ukraine

In 1998, Evgeny Chernyak founded a distribution enterprise in Ukraine. One of the enterprise’s main activities was selling alcoholic beverages in CIS countries.

khor vodka platinum
We have perfected a foolproof balance of the finest ingredients with the Khor Platinum, creating a premium vodka with an exceptional smoothness. The Platinum is the ideal vodka for outstanding cocktails.
khor vodka de luxe
As an elite gourmet-class vodka, the Khor De Luxe features an incomparably silky texture followed by a mild aftertaste. A drink fit for even the most selective alcohol enthusiasts.
khor vodka ice
The coolness of this vodka’s spirit pays homage to an Arctic winter’s pureness. When chilled, this uniquely designed bottle changes colors in a visual twist. Khor ICE owes its subtle herbal freshness to a thoroughly crafted combination of linden and mint.