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Our brand is the #1 best-selling vodka in Eastern Europe and the
#3 best-selling vodka in the world. You are welcome to taste a truly
unique and exceptional vodka.


Khor’s exceptional quality stands on experience and innovations. Khor is highly recognized worldwide by both experts and aficionados not only for the finest ingredients but for the cutting-edge technologies used in production and design as well. Our modern industrial laboratory guarantees compliance with all the technological production requirements. Quality control of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products is our vital principle.
100% Gluten free
Unique cap
7 levels of filtration
7 times distilled

Best selling vodka worldwide to Meet Your Demands

Whether you are a connoisseur or just a person who is not averse to drinking a bit of good alcohol once in a while, you definitely know that Ukrainian vodka is one of the best selling vodkas in the world. What makes this liquor so popular? There can be only one answer: amazing quality coupled with agreeable price. However, there are a lot of brands on the market, and of course, such a variety of choices can be confusing. In this case,choosing the right alcoholic beverage may take longer,than you would like. It goes without saying that a person is always seeks to get what you want without spending a lot of time on it. In our case, Khor offers excellent quality and value.

Best vodka in the United States

Having undergone seven levels of filtration and being distilled seven times, Khor emerged as the best selling vodka in Eastern Europe and claims to be emerged as the best selling vodka in America. What gives this product such a success is innovative production technology resulting in delicious taste for really affordable price. 100% gluten free, it features smooth taste which varies depending on a product. There are three main kinds of Khor, each being special in its own way:

  • Deluxe
  • Platinum
  • Ice

The first one is flavored with cherry and cinnamon, which makes its taste truly refined (no wonder it is called ultra-premium). The distinctive feature of the second is that it’s a perfect fit for cocktails, not to mention the finest taste on its own due to carefully chosen ingredients. According to statistics, Platinum is bestselling among Khor vodkas. It will also be ideal for cocktails such as Bloody Mary, Sunny Mood, Pineapple Bitter, Firevault, James Bond, Red Berry, and so on. The name of the third product speaks for itself: it has pure, cool notes that are achieved by adding menthol, mint, and linden whose freshness is certain to cheer you up! Another interesting feature of this product is that its bottle changes the color when chilled.

Right vodka technology means quality

Innovative means of production made it possible for Khor to be recognized by the majority of countries as the top selling vodka. USA is a country where respect for its taste and quality is quickly gained. Оther countries in which it is preferred to other brands are Germany, Poland, Kazakhstan, Georgia and Ukraine, to be sure. The manufacturer of Khor, Ukraine’s Khortytsa Distillery, is rightly considered as the world’s best distilleries. It makes use of an organic local filter which contains natural mineral referred to as schungite. This allows of getting immensely close to the natural water structure. As concerns the further process of filtration, it is implemented by using special birch along with quartz sand and alder-tree charcoal. It is this technology provides the best Ukrainian vodka Khor, excellent, natural taste and excellent main ingredients. Try different products of Khor to satisfy your own exquisite taste!