Platinum vodka Khor

0.1 - 1.75L
(3 oz - 59 oz)
Platinum khor vodka
We have reached the perfect balance of the finest ingredients which provides this vodka with exceptional smoothness. Khor Platinum is an ideal choice for cocktails and it will definitely be appreciated by true connoisseurs.


1.75 L
(59 oz)
1 L
(34 oz)
0.75 L
(25 oz)
0.375 L
(12.5 oz)
0.1 L
(3 oz)


The main distinguishing feature of Khor vodkas is known to be the presence of the unique “Wheat tear” alcohol, on the basis of which products of this brand are exclusively produced. In order to feel the softness and unique characteristics of this alcohol in full, it is surely best to try Platinum exclusive vodka, the composition of which is closest to a pure product (in comparison with De Luxe and Ice, which contain cinnamon and cherry, peppermint and menthol).

It will be the perfect main ingredient for numerous cocktails including those which gained the most renowned popularity in the US. Here belong Bloody Mary, Pineapple Bitter, Sunny Mood, and a lot of others. The taste of the drink is outstanding by itself as well, so you can doubtless buy Platinum vodkas in the USA with no difficulty.

The product is notable for being the best selling one among Khor drinks. Its pure, smooth taste became classic, and experts all over the world acknowledge it as one of the highest quality alcohol beverages due to the finest ingredients it contains.

What is Khor Platinum vodka made of?

It’s a fact that vodka from Ukraine is one of the highest quality vodkas throughout the globe. The manufacturer uses the innovative technology of its own, the secret of which is as simple as that and consists in two items: the structure of water and the structure of alcohol. The Ukraine’s Khortytsa distillery makes use of an intricate way of production involving the purest sources and careful processing.

The product under consideration consists of:

  • artesian drinking water prepared;
  • rectified ethyl alcohol “Wheat tear” made from 100% wheat;
  • an infusion of alcohol oatmeal;
  • sugar;
  • tartaric acid.

Sugar adds to the softness of the beverage, while tartaric acid serves as the acidity regulator. The percentage of the ingredients is selected carefully and meticulously so that the taste of the product become as clean as can be.

The average Platinum vodka price is about $15.99, though it may vary in accordance with the bottle volume. While that price is for the standard 1L, there are options of 750ml and 1.75L, the cost for which will be $11.99 and $17.99 respectively. The price is the same as that for the Ice Khor vodka, so make your choice to satisfy your own taste.

Be sure to try this exceptional product to enjoy the cleanest taste of vodka!