Ice vodka Khor

0.5 - 1.0L
(17 oz - 34 oz)
Ice khor vodka
Crisp coolness of this vodka’s spirit represents the pureness of Arctic winter. The uniquely designed bottle changes its color when cooled. Khor ICE owes its subtle herbal freshness to a thoroughly crafted combination of mint, linden and menthol.

A wide range of products of Ukrainian and foreign vodka producers is often misleading even for the most sophisticated drink lovers. Not only do you have to choose from a variety of different brands — each of the manufacturers has also their own rather large assortment of products. Some producers like the idea of expanding their product range every now and then; for example, due to the emergence of new technologies and innovative recipes. Khor is obviously not an exception, having decided to gladden its clients with the production of Ice crystal vodka flavored with savory herbs.

Khor Ice premium vodka to cheer you up

What makes this product special is the extracts from peppermint, menthol, and lime. The whole set provides extreme freshness, thanks to which the beverage tastes truly icy. To make the taste even softer, its decided to add a bit of sugar (like to the majority of the other Khor products). Such a combination ensures that very lightness making Ice really easy to drink.

The beverage is excellent to consume with snacks; it will also be ideal for making the James Bond cocktail.

One more interesting feature of the product is that its bottle color changes when chilled, which looks just amazing! Thus, the option is intricate not only in technology production and taste but in sophisticated design as well, combining quality with beauty.


As is the case with the other Khor products, Ice vodka limited edition is made from the finest “Wheat tear” alcohol and purest water, with the addition of icy aroma. The quality of the product meets every demand, which is why the innovative technology was gladly accepted by the most experienced consumers.

The beverage consists of:

  • artesian drinking water prepared;
  • rectified ethyl alcohol “Wheat tear” made from 100% wheat;
  • sugar;
  • aromatic spirits of peppermint, lime and menthol.

Ice vodka price ranges from around $11.99 to $17.99, depending on the volume (750ml and 1.75L respectively). The price for a 1L bottle of Ice vodka will be about $15.99. So, it is approximately the same as the cost of original Platinum product. Whether to choose classic or something new and more interesting is up to you: the quality of both does not concede each other, though Ice could possibly be preferred by the female audience due to its smoothness.

Have a portion of good icy vodka and fresh up your day!