De Luxe vodka Khor

(25 oz)
De Luxe khor vodka
What makes this ultra-premium vodka the best of its kind is the intricate recipe that can satisfy the taste of a true drink lover. Natural cinnamon notes harmonically complement cherry flavored alcohol. Enjoy this delicious vodka at home or while having a party with your friends!

A true gourmet masterpiece, ultra-premium organic vodka De Luxe embodies all the best that is in the production of VIP-class vodkas. The basis of its elite recipe is “luxury” grain alcohol and pure water. The perfect combination of natural ingredients of the highest quality forms an exquisitely silky taste giving pleasure with every sip of this drink.

For those who are anxious to get not merely good quality product but something really special, it will be the perfect choice.

Best premium vodka in the world

Combining all the features of the newest technologies with its own innovative means, Khor indeed managed to produce a masterpiece worth tasting by the most sophisticated connoisseurs. Deluxe vodka original in each and every criterion does impress with its soft, slightly sweet scent with hints of cinnamon and cherry as well as harmonious, refined taste. It makes a perfect match with both hot dishes and snacks (for example, sandwiches with caviar or salmon). Besides, it can be used for making a variety of delicious cocktails, whether it be long or short drinks.

What’s inside

As does the original counterpart, Deluxe imported vodka has the following composition:

  • artesian drinking water prepared;
  • rectified ethyl alcohol “Wheat tear” made from 100% wheat grain;
  • aromatic alcohols: cherry twigs, cinnamon, sugar

All the ingredients perfectly complement each other, making Khor De Luxe the most preferable product among all the rivals. What proves this fact is a number of gold medals which were granted at such significant events as International Spirits Challenge, San Francisco World Spirits Competition, Ultimate Spirits Challenge and many others.

The product will surely appeal to those appreciating the aesthetic factor as well. A crystal clear bottle, the appearance of which was developed by London designers, is decorated with the brand logo “frozen” in glass. This drink is ideal for those consumers who want to relax beautifully and tastefully.
The price for a 750ml bottle is about $24.99. This makes De Luxe the most expensive product among those belonging to Khor production. Yet, its cost is evidently one of the most reasonable ones among other premium vodkas in the world, which can scarcely be compared to this drink.
In 2014, two years after the product came out, Khor was nominated in New York as the best vodka manufacturer. Try its most exquisite taste De Luxe to see for yourself!