Alcohol cocktail recipes

There are a lot of people who like the idea of mixing alcohol with different ingredients such as juices, ice, sauces, spices, sugar, and even salt or pepper. Pure vodka or other liquor satisfies not everyone’s taste — some like it softer or more exquisite. On the other hand, there are cocktails which can include a variety of spirits making it possible for drinks to be even harder and more interesting.

Diversity of cocktails for diversity of tastes

For more than two hundred years, people have been mixing different beverages to try all possible options and find out the most compatible ones. Some of them appeared to be very popular, others were not for everyone’s taste, and the rest turned out too peculiar. Still, this resulted in the presence of a great number of various mixed drinks which we can see nowadays as well. Those are especially popular among young people.

Each beverage has its own special taste, and the combination of them can become the very mix you are looking for!

Alcohol cocktails recipes with vodka

The number of possible mixed drinks is immensely large. It depends on the taste of every particular person, on what they are eager to try and what spirits they like best. Obviously, vodka is one of the most common spirits to be added to a drink. In all the countries, there are always many people who order such an option rather often — or make it themselves. You can hardly come across a bar that doesn’t offer something with vodka. Among the most amazing alcohol cocktails with vodka are:

  • Bloody Mary;
  • James Bond;
  • Red Berry;
  • Sunny Mood.

These drinks have their own list of ingredients and special taste, being most popular options with vodka all over the world. Certainly, different regions and even countries may have different recipes that vary a bit, but the basics remain the same. Fresh and sweet, hot and savory, or solid and hard, a mix of various ingredients with Khor vodka is sure to make your evening special, meeting the demands of both you and your company, diverse as they may be.

Let’s find out the way of preparing each of them and decide which one is most suitable for you!